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1 Pros and Cons

Pass-by deployment has the minimal influence to your current network. Advantages:

  • Integrated with your current hardware, network topology can remain unchanged.
  • No influence to your network performance. In pass-by mode, WFilter analyse copies of network packets and does not delay the original packets. So your internet speed will not be affected.
  • Internet access is still available even if the WFilter computer crash or power off.


  • Requires "port mirroring" feature of your switch or router.
  • In pass-by mode, WFilter sends RST packets to terminate tcp connections. But it can not block udp traffic, so you also need to block certain udp ports in your router or firewall. Please check: How to block certain UDP ports in router/firewall?

Below is a list of "port mirroring" settings for WFilter to work.

2 Port Mirroring Setting Examples

3 Block UDP

How to block UDP traffic?

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